A frequency reconfigurable slot antenna using pin diodes

By Mark Zuckerberg

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frequency bands in the range of 0.54GHz to 0.95GHz. Four PIN diodes are used to tune the length of the slot thus provides four difierent frequency reconflgurations. PIN diodes are used in [22] where the antenna is capable to switch between 2.4GHz and 2.9GHz. By using two PIN diodes, the designed antenna is capable to operate in two modes. FREQUENCY RECONFIGURABLE ANTENNA FOR KU -BAND … In this study, a unique design in frequency reconfigurable antenna approach is proposed .The shown design in this paper can be used for Ku band downlink especially in satellites. A special em ployment includes a rectangular slot with four PIN diodes where the frequency reconfigurability is obtained. A Compact Flexible and Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna 656 M. U. HASSAN , F. ARSHAD, S. I. NAQVI, ET AL., A COMPACT FLEXIBLE AND FREQUENCY RECONFIGURABLE ANTENNA… Switching is achieved by four pin diodes along with the slotted structure that is created on the ground. Microstrip based frequency reconfigurable antenna is proposed in [14]. Using five pin diodes it achieves six switchable bands A Frequency Reconfigurable Rotatable Antenna Design for In this design, the rotatable reconfigurable antenna has the advantage that there is no need of bias lines which affects the radiation characteristics of the antenna. RF-MEMS/PIN diode-based reconfigurable antenna systems require the use of bias lines. It also requires the bias lines to lie on the same plane as that of the antenna.

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Sep 4, 2018 ... The frequency tuning feature was achieved by using PIN diodes in ... Recently, frequency-reconfigurable antennas such as monopole [22], slot ... design and implementation of reconfigurable patch antennas for ... reconfigurable antennas: a dual-frequency antenna array with multiple ...... ended L-slots have been used on both sides of the patch and four PIN diodes are ... Modeling of a PIN Diode RF Switch for Reconfigurable Antenna ...


A Design of Reconfigurable Antenna Using Novel DGS with ... A Design of Reconfigurable Antenna Using Novel ... A Reconfigurable Dual Frequency Slot Loaded Microstrip Antenna Controlled By PIN Diodes, ... Frequency Reconfigurable Hybrid Slot Antenna Using PIN Diodes Abstract This paper introduces a frequency reconfigurable hybrid slot antenna fed by coplanar waveguide (CPW) without complex bias network and DC blocking capacitor ... Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna for Cognitive ... ... a selective frequency reconfigurable antenna, suitable for cognitive radio applications. ... Frequency reconfigurable microstrip antenna using PIN ... Metamaterial Inspired Reconfigurable Fractal Monopole ...

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A Cognitive Radio Reconfigurable MIMO And Sensing Antenna A reconfigurable antenna is capable of modifying dynamically its frequency and radiation properties in a controlled and reversible manner here a planar, compact, single substrate, multi-band, frequency reconfigurable multiple-input multiple … Radioengineering - June 2015, Volume 24, Number 2 [DOI: 10 Four PIN diodes are employed in the stubs stretching from the ground to make the antenna reconfigurable in three operating modes: a single-band mode (2.4-2.9 GHz), a dual-band mode (2.4-2.9 GHz/5.09-5.47 GHz) and a triple-band mode (3.7-4 … Microsoft Word - str_0647-0654 Total five PIN diodes are required to adopted such as PIN diodes, RF-MEMS switches, and obtain seven operations from the proposed antenna.